Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence: Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee

November 1, 2023

Farm Bureau Insurance 75 Years | Serving Tennesseans since 1948. Covering lives since 1973.

Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee, a trusted name in the insurance industry, is proud to commemorate its 75th anniversary. This milestone not only reflects the company's enduring legacy but also underscores its unwavering commitment to serving the people of Tennessee.

Since its humble beginnings in 1948, with just 1,000 policies, the company has steadily grown to become a premier provider of home and auto insurance in the state. Additionally, its Life Insurance Company has been dedicated to safeguarding lives since 1973.

Farm Bureau Tornado
A March 21, 1952, tornado caused extensive property damage to 79 families in West Tennessee. Agent Liston Bedwell (right) delivers a check for $4,000 to policyholder F. D. Parnell.

A History of Service and Dedication

Throughout its illustrious history, Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee has been a beacon of prompt, efficient, and personalized service, especially during times of crisis. The company's dedication to its policyholders has been the driving force behind its remarkable growth and success over the years. Despite facing challenges such as catastrophic weather events, economic downturns, and a global pandemic, the company has remained steadfast in its mission to protect and serve the people of Tennessee.

(History Video from Annual Meeting)

Farm Bureau 75 Years Video
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We stand on the shoulders of giants.

A Testament to Resilience and Excellence

As we reflect on our mutual company's 75-year history and our life company's 50-year history, we are reminded of the phrase, "We stand on the shoulders of giants." The leaders who came before us established a solid foundation and a culture of excellence and service that continues to propel our companies toward success.

Farm Bureau First Building
Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee began in 1948 to make sure our hard-working farmers could get coverage. Its humble beginnings were in this home on West Seventh Street in Columba, Tenn.

Remembering Our Roots

Farm Bureau Insurance began selling property and casualty policies in Tennessee in 1948. Farming was a more dangerous occupation than it is now, and many insurance companies were unwilling to insure farm structures. So, the farmers of Tennessee, working through the Tennessee Farm Bureau, launched their own insurance company. It wasn't long before their friends and neighbors wanted to take advantage of Farm Bureau's insurance program. There's no doubt that our Farm Bureau forefathers would admire how nearly a third of Tennesseans turn to us for auto, home, and life insurance.

Farm Bureau Employees
Looking over a stack of our earliest policies are W.T. (Billy) Porter, chief auto underwriter, and secretaries Ruth Waller and Ila Goodman

Continued Commitment to Excellence

What began as a dream and an investment for many rural Tennesseans across the state has turned into the largest domestic writer of insurance in Tennessee and the 38th largest P/C carrier in the nation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the principles that have driven our success. We will continue building on our legacy of exceptional service, trust, and reliability, ensuring that we maintain our position as Tennessee's Insurance Company for many years to come.

Farm Bureau Claim Check
A former WWII pilot (left) flew to and from Columbia to pick up and deliver a claim check less than 24 hours after a fire.

Farm Bureau Infographic

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