Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee made big strides by being the statewide partner of the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for the second year in a row.

The heart of Tennessee showed in every county, with walk teams and a variety of fundraising efforts. At the end of October, another $267,432 was given to the American Cancer Society to help seek better ways to prevent, detect, and treat breast cancer, as well as provide help and hope to people facing the disease. The two-year total now stands at more than $620,000.

More than 26,000 pink Farmer Charlie hats were sold across the state, and countless thousands more were distributed at Making Strides walks in six Tennessee cities.

The fundraising creativity of home office staff, agents and agency office customer service representatives helped to propel the success of the Making Strides campaign. Vice presidents made a music video and had pies smashed in their faces, employees sold baked good and held kick ball tournaments and agencies had pink-out nights at local high school football games.

"In every company strategy meeting I have ever attended, one thing that is always listed as a strength is the quality of our people. Today, because of the outpouring of support for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, we have concrete evidence to back up that claim. To have raised more than $620,000 in the span of two Octobers is a testimony to the character, energy, imagination, and generosity of the 2,000 people who represent Farm Bureau Insurance across our state," said Sonny Scoggins, chief executive officer of Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee.


Home Office Fundraising Totals:
Team Results (alphabetically):
Charlie's Angels: Wayne County Corporate Center– $7,291.25
Crusaders for a Cure: Information Technology– $3,198.25
P&C Praying for a Cure: P&C Systems– $2,715.77
Pink Angels: Research, Auto Underwriting, Property Underwriting– $1,173.16
Pink Dynasty: Life, Accounting– $5,067.18
Pink Flamingos: CEO, Legal/Government Relations, Internal Controls, Corporate Communications, Training, Sales, P/C Operations, and Claims– $2,247.71
Pink with a Purpose: Rural Health Home Office, Rural Health Data Center, Rural Health Satellite Center– $1,274.98
Seeds of Hope: Farm Bureau, Farmers Services, Livestock Producers– $5,272.67
Hat and T-shirt sales: $1,882.03
TOTAL: $30,123

Agency Ranking- number of hats sold:
#1 Knox Western Ave – 911
#2 Blount Ellis Ave – 733
#3 Lewis Hohenwald – 695
#4 Washington Jonesborough – 497
#5 Sullivan Kingsport – 432

Regional Ranking- number of hats sold:
Region 5 – 3,872
Region 4 – 3,706
Region 7 – 3,051
Region 6 – 2,995
Region 3 – 2,401
Region 2 – 2,323
Region 1 – 2,054
Region 9 – 2,016
Region 8 – 1,651
Region 10 – 1,642

Two-year hat distribution:
2013 Total Hats Sold: 26,039
2012 Total Has Sold: 52,461
Total hats sold: 78,500

Two-year monetary donation to ACS:
2012: $354,000
2013: $267,432
Total money donated: $621,432